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Lich Lord Agor-Thal

Neutral Evil Male Human
Level 20 Wizard
Level 5 Archmage
Level 7 Sorcerer

Str 12   Dex 16   Con -   Int 25   Wis 20   Cha 18   Hit Points: 142

Status: Undead

From where did this terrible being of evil begin his ways of wrong doing? It is said that the lich Agor-Thal began his ways in the wastelands now known as the Desert of the Sinnd. There he grew up amoung the ancient Bandaran nomads that live in the hills surrounding the desert. As a young boy he was exposed to great nd different magics of the Bandaran. He became skilled in the summoning and controling of the Hjar-hasi (Genie-kind) and eventually became shaman to one of the more powerful nomadic tribes. Fascinated with the power to control other creatures wills, Agor-Thal was not satisfied with bending the genie-kind to his demands, Agor sought the knowledge of the dead Shamans of ancient past. But there he found no challenge and soon he had drained what knowledge he could from the dead as well. Leaving the Bandaran tribes he left the deserts and departed on a spiritual journey through the cosmos where he learned of the demonic creatures of the Abyssal Planes. Many years later, having learned what he could of the fickle and evil beings of the damned, he returned to his home world to find his people no longer knew him and that those he had known had long since passed away into forgotton history - such was the length of time that had passed since he had left. With no mortal ties to the world to return to he secluded himself in a tower made of magical stones and bound together by the Weave. There he plotted madly how he would ascend from his mortal form and become a prince amoung the demonic so that he might rule these mighty creatures as well. It is said that his research went slow for the demons were sloth to give away their secrets to him and that many fed him mis-information. Realizing that his time was nearing and yet he was still far from conquering the secrets of the demonic, Agor-Thal pursued the secrets of Lichdom and, finding himself capable, became part of the immortal, living dead. As time passed he soon realized that in his undead state he could not master new magics for his mind had been frozen in the state in which he had left the living. Furious, he besought ancient and powerful demonic beings of great power and through trickery he bound them to his will. When the lords of the abyss learned of Agor-Thal's treachory and how he had bound their servents to his will they created a prison about his tower so that there was no means by which he could leave or others could enter and plagued the lands surrounding him there to warn other mortals of the dangers of challenging the lords of hell. It is said that he remains there still in his tower. Forever imprisoned by his own immortality and the demon worked magics. As time has continued on the lands about for many miles remain destroyed as a grim reminder and the home of Agor-Thal has become known as Deathrot Tower. Many still travel there today, suspecting that on certain times the lich will make an appearance and whisper the dark secrets of the demons which he was able to un-earth to those present.