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True Neutral Male Human
Level 2 Psionicist

Str 16   Dex 7   Con 15   Int 16   Wis 17   Cha 11   Hit Points: 7

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:

Ameran is a man accused of being a warlock and sentenced to the Valley of Death under the care of Captain Grizendel. He contacted Archaios and persueded him to help him escape from his imprisonment, claiming to be innocent. Archaios did indeed help him escape and after hearing his story believed him innocent of the crimes brought against him. Ameran is a blacksmith and also claims various mystical powers over metal which allow him to make various works of wonder from steel. Archaios disguised Ameran to look like Oseros, and Ameran took the name Branden (the name of his father) so that he could travel without being recognised as a fugitive.