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Lord Anso Geradine

True Neutral Male Human
Level 3 Aristocrat
Level 6 Fighter

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

One of Tel-Akbar's wealthier lords, and a retired knight, Lord Geradine lives in a well appointed and defendable keep, situated within Tel- Akbar's High Quarter walls. Lord Geradine has a strong reputation among the cities watch and is friends with may of its commanders. He use to be a popular captain of several of the cities garrisons, and later as a master-at-arms and trained many of the elite guards and captains of the current city's watch. The group first heard word of Lord Geradine after an unfortunate incident where a group of young boys, including Geradine's grandson, ambushed the party in fun and intending to be like bandits. One of the boys was slain in the confusion that followed, and while the slain child was not Geradine's grandson the group can be sure that word of the incident will reach his ears.