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The One of Shadow, Aoran Zeprithun

Neutral Evil Male Human

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

I was born to a merchant prince whose empire spanned east to west across the Maodabi Deserts (The Desert of Three Winds). We traded in goods, lives, knowledge, passage. Often those we granted passage to became subjects of slavery for my father was a man who knew the value of a life. Alas I was not first to inherit my fathers fortunes and rather than see me ascend to that position through the murder of my brother, I was sent away to live with my uncle when I came of age. He did not want me, but he had his uses for me.
    Through me he channeled the terrible voices which I later learned were the Infernals angels, but servants of evil gods rather than good. As I came to know the voices which were invited through my being I came to know the truth: that the powers of evil are eternal and forever greater than the waning powers of good. I could feel the power of fear washing through me and as I grew older I learned to evoke that fear in others so that I might benefit. You cannot grasp how delicious the feeling to watch those you despise grovel before the power you hold over their lives, how supreme the feeling to know that your enemies do your will for they were too weak to embrace true evil and envision it for themselves.
    True, there were other gods to be worshiped and in the beginning I paid service to them all so that I could abuse their generosity and learn of the world; so too that I could learn to manipulate those who served them. Only Qo spoke the truth, it was there in it awesome embrace of evil that I knew the true powers of the universe lay. There exists no good which can undo such might, such unfettered willingness to do whatever should please it. By abandoning myself I became like Qo, I was accepted into its priesthood and proved my hunger by joining those few who had been gifted with vision. I only had to be more willing to do whatever it took to get my way then they were. Whatever it took.
    You misunderstand when you refer to Qo as a god. It is far more than that. It is truth, a whole philosophy. It is not a being, it is a way of life. It is worship of oneself above all others. In your mind you think Qo dead, but such things never die, they merely become lost in a time when mortals lack the vision to seek the truth of themselves.
    What is good anyway besides kneeling to greater powers and performing their will. It is for the weak who cannot think their themselves and must shield their souls with compassion, not seeing compassion for the deception and tool that it was truly meant for. Good is a delusion. It calls evil those who stand up for themselves and refuse to be yoked.
    I could tell you of the many hundreds of souls which I personally have rent and cast into the Pit to be cleansed and born again to serve the true powers of the Multiverse, but would you care? They were tools, insects of small importance. In the end, I would not be slain by powers of opposition, but would live long to see my will spread across this region. I would be called One of the Three and consolidate my position of power in a bid to become an avatar of my own self created destiny. Fiends would do my bidding for I held the power of evil in me. By my command millions of lessors suffered and I flourished in the power of their lament, using it to fuel ever greater magic.
    In the end, I came here, leading my followers. Here I would investigate the nature of the soul as time and again I would sever it from flesh, examine it, fill it with truth. Here was where I would raise ancient powers and master them to my bidding. Here I would overthrow Saulos and anoint myself as a true power.
    Alas, like others of my aspirations, though I was able to live long and beyond that of the cattle-like mortals that you know. I knew as I lay dying from the Infernal blood I had consumed in my bid for power that I was willing to give even my life to attain fulfillment. Alas, my own theology of supreme power was proven as the drought I consumed snuffed out my life. There were, indeed, still beings of greater evil, desire, and means greater than I.