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Arturas (aka 'Doc')

Neutral Good Male Human
Level 9 Expert

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

A young man with a face like that of those who never need shave. Unfortunately also a very sick man, Doc was known for his healing touch among the fugatives who had fled from the Meralin. The Meralin, a race of Illithids, raised Doc to be food or a laborer, but upon discovering that he had psionic talents they abandoned him to the jungles for him to fend for himself. Doc fled into the mountains where he lived a difficult and lonely life. Later he was found by Baralun. Using his healing skills and abilities, Doc removed the psionic implant from Baralun and freed him from the Illithids. Then Baralun and he fled further south, into the empty woodlands, and left away from the jungle cities of the Meralin. Though weak when compared to any of the other ten fugatives of the hidden woodland retreat, Doc was well respected and cared for by the woodsmen he lived with because of his freeing them from the psionic implants of the Meralin. Unfortunately, at the last minute, while preparing to flee from a surprise Meralin raid on the retreat, Doc was killed by the flames of a Meralin fireball.