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Archmage Aulean Magiam

Neutral Good Male Human
Level 18 Wizard
Level 5 Archmage

Status: Missing
Campaign Appearances:
        Hunter's Memoirs
        The Black Scourge
        Travels with Bolas

In the middle of the majestic city of Tel-Akbar lays a curious plot of land unclaimed by any despite its considerable property value. All around it bustle busy merchants and homes, but in this square, cobble-stoned courtyard there is but one building and that is the home of the ancient arch-mage, Aueilen Magiam (pronounced Awe-you-lean). The simple tower stands about 40 feet tall and is perhaps 20 to 25 feet wide at its base. A plain wooden door marks its entrance, but none have seen it used in years, and a solitary window rests near the top of its north side. It is said, by the locals, that one who wishes to speak with the old arch-mage must approach the solitary tower and gain his attentions. Either by knocking on his door - which the locals do not recommend - or by calling up to his oft open window - which most locals do not recommend either.
    Those brave enough to approach the tower and make dealings with the mage often find him eclectic and perhaps a bit senile. The astute would add to this description that when dealing with Aueilen one has the nagging suspicion that he is not senile at all, but that his rambling are but a clever and thorough guise. Though all who have had dealings with him must admit he is even-handed and is well-meaning.
    One might be curious as to why the locals are so uneasy about approaching the solitary tower. Perhaps it is the deadly looking skeletal being, which so resembles death himself, that occasionally appears close by and strains towards the tower as if to get at what is within. Perhaps too it is the multitude of invisible imp-like beings which mischievously lurk near the towers outer walls. Maybe it is the strange things which are said to happen to those who knock on his wooden door; things such as their gloves sticking to its surface, a sensation of confusion, screams emanating from the door when knocked upon, and a multitude of other strange and unexplained effects have been described by those who rapped upon his wooden door.
    What little that is known about Aueilen is known from what his peers speak of him; his peers being those who survived the breaking of the mages guild many, many years ago. If one were to ask them, and perhaps sweeten their pockets with some magical herb or entertain them with some secret lore, one might learn that Aueilen is not immortal as many suspect, but that he has a strong run of elfin blood in his veins. This is usually quite a surprise to those who have spoken with him and swear that he is human through and through. Perhaps it is by magic that Aueilen maintains his appearance.
    One might also hear of how 300 years ago when he arrived at the gates of Tel-Akbar that he then was quite popular among the magi of the city. In those days he was frequently seen outside of his tower and used his considerable skill in the craft to help the people and government of Tel-Akbar. After some years he was invited to join the secretive society of mages that resided in the city. His charisma, good spirit, and precise evaluation of others and their needs eventually caused him to preside as the guilds leader.
    As the head of the Mage's Consortium and leader of its council Aueilen made vast changes to how the guild conducted itself among those not gifted with magic by making the guild more available to the public and encouraging its members to assist the unfortunate merely out of good-will.
    Some still whisper though that it was this radical change of the guilds tradition which caused several of its membership to form a new secret society with the intent of restoring the Consortium to its lofty and set-apart ways. Whether true or not, on the anniversary of the guilds inauguration of Aueilen Magiam to preside of the council, a terrible and unforgettable disaster took place. The entire guild hall was burnt to the ground. Vast resources of unreproducible knowledge was lost, but more terrible still were the deaths of over 20 mages who made residence within the hall. Even darker still are the rumors that it was treachery and magical interference that prevented the majority of mages present at the guild-hall from leaving that fateful night.
    After that things were not the same. Aueilen, who escaped from the blaze, was deposed by those from the council who survived. Before the coup de grace was made complete, Aueilen dissolved the guild and set out to find the evil doers who had set the fire. Despite his magical skills though, none were found who could be proven guilty. It is said that creatures from the lower planes had assisted in the conflagration, but none would admit to it or give the names of those who did.
    As time went on Aueilen became more reclusive and after purchasing a small plot of land near the cities center he built a tower. When his home was complete he was rarely to be seen outside of it again. Businesses nearby vacated the area surrounding the mages tower, fearing that another fire would rage there soon like that which had burned down the hall; thus the courtyard desolate of buildings which surrounds the place even now.
    Still, Aueilen is known by those who deal with him to be a good person. A studious mage who dislikes to be interrupted by anything mundane. Yet those with something interesting to share will find him to be personable and kind, though marked by many a strange eccentricity. For those who would abuse his good-will he has a multitude of excuses which keep him busy, but a true, good need will find him with time to spare. Rarely is he forceful and he is slow to anger.
    Visitors should expect to be sold some oddity in trade for something of dubious value. All manner of strange artifacts are thought to have passed through his hands and it is said that Aueilen's sage-like knowledge is vast. Most will find him willing to share his opinions and wisdom on various subjects - though rarely on the one that they are most interested in.
    Aulean has only been contacted by the group (Travels with Bolas) once. Theo went to meet him regarding the sale of some scrolls the group had acquired. While waiting for Aulean to answer the door (which he never does, he just leans out his window from above to speak with his visitors) Theo was pestered by invisible imps. We also remember when he knocked upon Auleans door with his staff and the end of it stuck fast to the door. The stub of his staff probably still is affixed there where he broke it off.
    Since the Autumn months of 12882AC, Aulean's tower has remained mysteriously quiet. Visitors to there have noticed that cobwebs now cling to the doorframe. No one has dared enter within, but there has been no sign of Aulean without. Could it be the ancient master of magical arts has finally been taken by the agency of death?