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Master Bealy Wendell

Neutral Good Male Human
Level 4 Bard
Level 11 Expert

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

The Bard's College Master of Song, Master Wendell is a large and obease man of exhausting proportion. He takes great pleasure in living life to his preference - which includes exposing it to as little danger as possible and an unchallenged, stout refusal to have anything to do with being over water deeper than his ankles. Master Wendell is very, very well versed in many cultures songs and the legends associated with them and he spends a great amount of time composing and arranging music for the College. When he isn't to be found in the College's music library, Master Wendell is probably in his chambers which are not far away or in the kitchens. He is also known to frequently visit the cities various concert halls and dramatoriums, traveling there on a plainly adorned, but large and comfortable palanquin.