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Bors ap Valon

Neutral Evil Male Human
Level 12 Ranger

Str 16   Dex 16   Con 17   Int 12   Wis 15   Cha 14   Hit Points: 114

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Hunter's Memoirs
        The Black Scourge

A frighteningly skilled hunter, traitorous Bors ap Valon helped Xavier betray Lord Gilthanus, leading forces of Sherian Khan, through the secret cave complex beneath the ancient ruins of Canaan and briefly capturing it.
    During the retaking of Canaan by the forces of Lord Gilthanus, Bors and Garben engaged in single combat throughout the fortifications of the stronghold. Though gravely wounded, Bors was able to escape and fled south into Arend, hoping to rejoin Sherian Khan's following.
    Bors possesses a degrading personality, having no respect for sanctity or morality. He wears a necklace of ears cut from enemies and has curling, cascading grease-gray hair.