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Steward of Fire Borsaeg

Neutral Good Male Werebear Lycanthrope

Status: Unknown
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

A true lycanthrope were-bear, Borsaeg cuts an imposing profile, but his gentle and good nature is often what people first see. However, as the Keeper of Fire, the Aspect of Flame, Borsaeg's peaceful countenance hides a swelling passion for all things that would nearly consume him with tumultuous emotion were it not for his centurion practiced discipline. Though ancient, being several hundred years old, Borsaeg has an unending fervor for living life. He is the most adventurous and outgoing of the Aspects. Borsaeg is extremely charismatic. His happiness and eagerness to share nature's vibrant life is contagious. He embraces change easily, taking both the good and the bad in stride.
    Ashes of Arend: Borsaeg took time to get to know Sasha. He realized how powerful she had become, yet how little she know of the druidic traditions of his age (or any other for that matter). Thus he decided to teach her all what he could, what Belar should have taught her, but which he was never able to due to events which had taken place in her native time. Borsaeg acted as Sasha's patron and introduced her to many other druids of the time, helping her become a part of that society and teaching her a number of druidic arts and secrets which are uncommon or even forgotten in present day time: showing her the locations of many groves throughout the world, teaching her how ley lines and backroads through the fairy realms work, and teaching her of the Green Ways.