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Captain Brian Lexon

Lawful Good Male Celestial Deva
Level 12 Fighter

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:

Perhaps once handsome, Brian is now rather scarred and battle hardened. He belongs to the elite of the High City's guards which rank just below the Imperial guard. Archaios met and worked under him in the capital of the Eastern Empire while he helped in the recovery of the Lyceum Labyrinth, the underground vaults of the Imperial Library which were crushed when the Dark One invaded. Brian oversees the recovery efforts of the Imperial Library. He appears to be quite ordinary with reguard to his actions, but Archaios suspects him of being more than just a veteran guard. When Archaios was surveying the recovery site with his magical sight he noted that Brion radiated strong summoning magic from head to foot, though the reason for this remains unknown.