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Brin Shander

Lawful Evil Male Haruninki
Level 5 Ranger
Level 5 Rogue
Level 10 Monk

Str 17   Dex 20   Con 18   Int 14   Wis 17   Cha 8   Hit Points: 192

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Hunter's Memoirs
        The Black Scourge
        Travels with Bolas

Haruninkian by birth, Dagashi by indisputable claim (no one wishes to dispute the fact with him...) he is one of the deadliest and most infamous and ruthless bounty hunters/assassins/warriors known. His vast experience in combat against uncountable opponents and his vast knowledge of the mystic, martial, and hidden arts make him utterly formidable. He is a master of a wide variety of martial arts including Ha-Tae, which he learned from Shohan almost 85 years ago. Brin Shander lives in the far northwestern lands of the Dagashi, near the Crystal Seas. From there he sends his wrathful gratitude against the Haruchi Homeland for hatreds which passed long ago. Amongst the Dagashi, Brin educates trains the elite of the assassins and hunters. His training is such that it is not unknown for students to be killed, but none question his authority. Shohan and he do not get along at all, and remain coldly cordial to each other when Brin pays visit to his once master. Perhaps the only thing that keeps them from killing each other is Shohan's views of honor and non-violence and Brin's respect for a master of martial arts.
    Sanjian (Travels with Bolas) had a chance to meet him once during one of Brin's visits to Shohan.