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High Thane Brunigin Alewyrd

Lawful Neutral Male Daernarthor
Level 22 Fighter
Level 5 Aristocrat

Status: Dead

Born in AC2219, to High Thane Azdűl, Brunigin arose to power after the untimely death of his father, leaving him as an only son and the last of the Daernarthor dwarves descended from Clainbrough, the First Thane of the Daernarthor. An only child, Brunigin had already sworn the same oaths as his ancestors before him, continuing the tradition that all first born descendants of Clainbrough were to become warriors and not take a life-bonded mate. However, this meant that the Clainbrough line would die with him and so for many decades it was debated whether tradition would be broken to allow the blood to continue. Brunigin is said to have remained true to his vows and to have never sired a child, and so he is identified as the last of that ancestry.
    By all accounts, Brunigin's rule was successful until the very end. He was a skilled warrior and a talented politician, recorded as being well versed in history and known to recite stories when it suited to prove a point he was trying to make in a debate.
    Brunigin is perhaps most famous for the appearance of the All Stone (AC2498), also known as the Heart of Magic, which was discovered deep beneath the earth. Taking it into his care he turned its magic to the shaping of the earth and erected numerous wonders. It is said that the Mulkerion Skyweir was his attempt to join the earth to the sky, but most sages agree that such a claim is baseless. The lost city of Marag Dolthun is said to have been constructed by his use of the All Stone, turning its granite pathways into glistening gemstones and spiraling promenades of graceful diamond spanning from one jeweled building to the next. The treasures of Marag Dolthun have never been found but are said to be somewhere beneath the Alasyian Desert. He is also said to have opened the Irworg Vaults, a legendary mithral vein that was encased in unbreakable iron.
    Brunigin was slain in AC2505 when Sol-wielding Nadristi invaded the lands of Clainbrough and turned them to dust with their magic, leaving what is now the Alasyian Desert and probably destroying legendary Marag Dolthun.