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Prince Calinda Ardent

Male Human
Level 1 Aristocrat

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:

Prince Sixth and last son of the Emperor of the Eastern Empire, found gruesomely slain in his quarters one evening after entering therin with what he claimed were his female companions. The guards of his quarters at the time claim seeing no one other than him entering the quarters at anytime before his death, even though the prince insisted to not be disturbed while his "companions" entertained him. After not too long, a terrible screech was heard from the room with a great crashing as furniture flew to block all entrances to the room. By the time the guards had entered within he was found terribly maimed and slain nearly beyond recognition. It was worthy to note that no reflective surface in the room remained, every mirror was shattered and even the brass hinges on quarters doors were scoured so badly that they would not reflect the slightest image. No one knows who the murderer was, though demonic influance is strongly suspected.