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Canon Calinwine

Lawful Good Male Human
Level 9 Cleric of Arden

Str 10   Dex 9   Con 12   Int 13   Wis 17   Cha 14   Hit Points: 51

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

Calinwine oversees three churches of Arden in the north garden quarter and guild quarters of Bluewater. He is well connected with the various guilds and more than a few powerful merchant families that dwell in the peaceful garden district. As his districts are filled with the wealthy, most of his time is spent maintaining a comfortable income for the church and ensuring proper political backing. This also means that he typically has a full compliment of prayers at his disposal since he is not burdoned with tending to the poor and middleclass masses that dwell in the rest of the city. Often, the church delegates important needs to his attention when resources are being stretched elsewhere. Calinwine has an appetite for stories, and adventurers who indulge him in this may quickly find themselves a useful alliance through him.
    Calinwine stands about 5'8" and is in good physical shape. He is just starting to show a little bit of gray hair above his ears. His eyes are pinched, the result of a broken nose that mended badly when he was young.