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Chaotic Good Male Human
Level 6 Fighter
Level 4 Ranger

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

A warrior and ranger, Charod once was a slave of the Meralin, a race of Illithids. Having escaped from the Meralin, Charod made his living among others who had escaped for four years. At that time he found Taren, Bolas, Theo, Therod, Marcus, and Chance huddled in a cabin in the midst of winter - they too having fled the Meralin. Charod escorted them back to the other ten escapees who, overtime, had mad it safely from the Meralin. Charod was among the lucky who safely made it away from the Meralin attack on the escapee's encampment. Unlike many of the fugatives from the escapee's encampment, Charod seeks revenge upon the Meralin and agreed to travel with the adventuring group until this thirst for vengance is sated.
    Charod was slain during a battle against some giants on the mountain-sides above the Ki-kiri Jungles.