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Neutral Evil Male Human
Level 3 Fighter

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:

Cherad was once a powerful mage who conspired with Lord Macham to hold a keep and defy Archaios' will that they leave from it. He and Macham amassed a troupe of trolls to help hold the keep. Archaios engaged Cherad in wizardly battle several times and at great cost until he was able to slay Cherad. Then, upon discovering that Cherad had geased Sherim and Alderan, Archaios reincarnated Cherad into the form of a Halfling so that he might release Sherim and Alderan from their curse. Unfortunately, though Cherad possessed the memories of his past life, he was unable to touch magic any longer and could do nothing to release either of the warriors from their enchantment, even when threatened with a second death at the hands of Archaios. Polymorphed into a human warrior, Cherad still could not assist Archios, even though by now he had been charmed and saw Archaios in a friendlier light.