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Chaotic Evil Male Human
Level 19 Wizard

Str 15   Dex 11   Con 18   Int 19   Wis 16   Cha 15   Hit Points: 96

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

The creator of the Crown of Souls. Daglan created the item for an evil warlord. The warlord slew Daglan to keep the powers of the Crown a secret, but Daglan had infused his being with the Crown so that one day he could be free again to wreck his will upon the world. With the slaying of Daglan's last descendent, Radaga the Witch, Daglan was set free at the culmination of the parties quest of the Crown of Souls. When last they saw his fearsome countenance he was laughing maniacally and refashioning his pocket dimension back to his tastes of a deserted graveyard. The party barely escaped from his realm in time as Daglan took control of the dimension.
    Later, Daglan resurfaced to gather evil armies of undead. After many terrible battles and with the destroying of his crown, Daglan was finally vanquished by the adventuring heros and imprisoned within a red, glowing soul-entrapping pyramid.
    Actual physical stats of Daglan varied from body to body. The stats presented here are those of his just after his reincarnation in the body of Radaga. Over the course of the adventure Daglan managed to possess numerous other powerful characters. Among those who succumbed to Daglan's possession was the powerful paladin Lord Serig of the Arm of Justice, a veteran warrior of many years. Also for some time Daglan inhabited the body of Sarusar, a powerful mage.
    Daglan's armor class and attack bonus are the same as that of a spectre. Though not originally undead, Daglan was able to transfer his existance into that of a being quite like the cross between a spectre and a ghost. This gave him several granted powers detailed below, and allowed him to continue his existance well beyond the years normally alloted a human.

Granted Powers

Wind of Age: All caught within breath weapon are aged 1d6x10 years. Volume of 40x40x40 feet.
    Level Draining: Drains 2 levels on a successful attack, similar to a spectre.
    Incoporeal: Can become incorporeal at will, as a ghost.
    Clairaudice, Caliravoyance: These powers, granted by powerful magics that he had fabricated for himself, made it very difficult for any to elude Daglan for long, or to make any plans without his discovering them, should those plotting have already attracted his attentions.
    Fly at will: A power granted to Daglan by powerful deities of evil who he had served in his past.
    Protection from Good: Another power granted to him by the powers of darkness. All attacks against him suffer -2 penalty to hit, he is immunity to mind attacks, and he gains a +2 bonus on saves vs good aligned creatures actions.
    Protection from Normal Missiles: A spell-effect taken by Daglan after he absorbed the power from a magical ring which possessed the same nature.
    Magic Jar: Daglan can magic jar other creatures at will. Other creatures save at -4 to avoid this effect. He may use this power once every three rounds. This power is similar to that of a ghosts magic jar ability.

Typical Possessions and Preparations

Daglan usually has a stoneskin spell cast upon himself, with a second and third available in his ring of spell storing. There is a contingency spell cast that should he be reduced to fewer than 50% of his hp that he is surrounded by a Prismatic Sphere. The following items were used by Daglan against the adventurers who sought his demise.
    Ring of Spell Storing: 22 levels (Stone skin x2, Wall of Iron, Lightning Bolt, Globe of Invulnerability)     2 Potions of Negative Plane Fullfillment (equiv to a heal spell for undead, fatal to non-undead)
    Wand of lightning Bolts

Daglan is usually attended to by numerous undead servitors. When alerted to danger there are even more in his presence. Usually he is accompanied as follows:
    If alerted: 2d10 Shadows, 2d8 wights, 2d6 wraiths, 1d4 Spectres, 1d2 Ghosts
    If caught off guard: 2 wights, 1d4 wraiths, 1 Spectre
    While near his tower of necromancy, Daglan is capable of summoning innumberable hosts of minor undead to his aid.

Spells Often Used in Combat

    Level 1 (5) Alarm, Charm Person, Friends, Magic Missile, Shield, Spider Climb, Wall of Fog
    Level 2 (5) Blur, Darkness 15'rad, ESP, Web
    Level 3 (5) Dispel Magic (x3), Fireball (x2), Haste, Lightning Bolt (x3)
    Level 4 (5) Confusion, Dimension Door, Evards Black Tentacles, Improved Invisibility (x2), Phantasmal Killer, Polymorph Other, Wall of Fire, Thunderlance (FRA)
    Level 5 (5) Animate undead, Bigby's Interposing Hand, Conjure Fire Elemental, Feeblemind, Monster Summoning 4 Contingency, Snilocs Major Missile (FrA)
    Level 6 (5) Chain Lightning, Death Fog, Disintegrate, Globe of Invulnerability, Flesh to Stone, Trollish Fortitude (S&M)
    Level 7 (5) Finger of Death, Forcecage, Mordenkainens Sword, Power Word Stun, Prismatic Spray, Reverse Gravity Level 8 (5) Maze, Prismatic Wall Level 9 (4) Prismatic Sphere, Imprisonment, Shape Change, Wish, Elminsters Evasion

Battle Strategies

Daglan prefers to avoid melee, using his spells instead. At first opportunity he uses improved invisibility and then casts haste upon himself. Often, he uses forcecage spells to restrict his enemies movement, sometimes following up by casting Evards Black Tentacles centered in the forcecage. The death fog and Bigby's interposing hand spells are also favorites. If given enough time he will cast shapeshift and assume the form of a more powerful creature - the form of a Titan being a favorite. If unable to escape by any means and reduced to 0 HP he is reincarnated in the form of a Giant Spider Wight.

Giant Spider Wight

AC: 22; Movement: 40; 6 attacks with Claw
at +14 melee for 1d6+4 damage; SR 15; HP: 96
SA: Level drain on successful attack, surrounded by a vaporous mist that ages those within by 1d6x10 (save for half) years. Gains the ability to magic jar one minute after reincarnation. Can command undead once per round. SD: Immune to poison, retains protection from good power, retains protection from normal missiles power. +3 or better required to hit. Immune to all mind affecting magics. Immune to all draining attacks.
    The spider-wight stands about 15 feet tall and is about 30 feet across. Its legs are thin poles, armored with chitinous armor. The center of its "body" is whatever remains of Daglan after his corporial form is slain. Protruding from the center of his remains extends six whip-like tendrals. Each attack made by these tendrals inflicts 1d6+4 points of damage and drains one level of experience from the victim. An attack roll of 18 or better indicates that the tendral has successfully lifted the victim from the ground and carried him beneath the main body. There the victim continues to automatically suffer 1d6+4 points of damage and the loss of a level each round until strangled or otherwise slain.
    The spider-wight is surrounded by a misty cloud of gray gas. All approaching within 5 feet of the spider-wight are aged 1d6x10 years (save for half).
    As soon as he is able, the spider-wight attempts to magic-jar the easiest candidate for success. All slain by the spider-wight rise as wraiths (80%) or spectres (20%) if not blessed before the next setting of the sun.