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Sir Dakrin s'Tonlin

Lawful Neutral Male Human
Level 6 Fighter
Level 5 Duelist
Level 9 Monk

Str 16   Dex 22   Con 18   Int 10   Wis 14   Cha 12   Hit Points: 179

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

Dakrin is one of the leading swordsman and hand-to-hand combat trainers of Arms Arcadia. Arms Arcadia, the most prestigious training ground of the southern realms is just outside the city of Minoc and the capitol of the United Kingdoms - Valorian Castle - , and is large enough to be a city of its own. Dakrin was a student of Shohan about 50 years ago, now in his sixties (human), he continues to teach Ha-Tae at the Arms Arcadia. He is a very close friend of Shohan though they rarely have a chance to communicate. Dakrin is also known for his charity since he occasionally takes students without monetary recompense, letting them work off their training, the cost of his training is more or less the same as Shohan's (relatively cheap for an exotic art of combat that Ha-tae is. Though he lives comfortably enough from the payments he receives from the guard of Valorian Castle and other lords who send promising young fighters to him for beginning or advanced training in hand to hand combat.