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Damaris Zydol

Lawful Evil Male Drakher Elf
Level 22 Wizard
Level 10 Prestige - Cosmic Descryer

Str 22   Dex 18   Con 18   Int 24   Wis 19   Cha 13   Hit Points: 293

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Hunter's Memoirs
        The Black Scourge
        Travels with Bolas

Exiled from his native people for his depraved and dangerous experiments in interplanar gateways, spiritual possession, and demonic breeding and servitors, Zydol set to carve out his own kingdom in what he saw was the weak surface world. Knowing what Hell was truly like, there was no need to dispel his race's traditional myths that the surface world was hell beneath the burning eye of judgement and one thousand souls in eternal flame.
    Seeking both solitude, easy slaves, and security, he settled in the warm southern tropics at a cluster of islands now known as the Arapelaga. There he conquered the local populations with his demon servitors and quickly brought several islands to their knees before him. Now, the Isle of Deeds and all minor islands of the region are beneath his heel; they are called the Domain of Zydol.
    One might think life beneath his rule to be one of misery and oppression, but Zydol leaves management of the population to his demon servitors and does not personally exact his anger upon the populace unless they fail to provide him with enough specimens for his infernal experiments. Rumor has it that many of the demons that wander the islands and maintain his cruel law are actually Zydol's creations - whether entirely artificial or as its whispered: that they are created from the mating of mortal and infernal.
    Zydol is no longer entirely mortal either. Over the centuries he has taken various physical attributes and magically incorporated them into his own flesh. He has shattered his soul, hiding parts of it and filling the spaces with essence taken from infernals. Some whisper that he plots to one day descend into Hell and begin his realm anew there among the focus of his studies. Despite these changes to his spirit and physiology, Zydol has carefully kept his outward appearance to be mostly mortal, though it is said that his nails glimmer as steel and that in his eyes can be seen infernal souls raging in torment. Besides these small visible changes, Zydol appears eternally in his prime, possessing an terrible and unearthly handsome beauty, black hair meticulously trimmed and his bearing regal.