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Dazgard dul Anghaarad

Neutral Evil Male Daernarthor Dwarf
Level 10 Wizard
Level 13 Incabulist of Shagdul

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

Born to Anghaarad, descendant of Hallanstaen, of the Blackbrow clan, Dazgard demonstrated an aptitude for the arcane arts early in his youth. His command of magic was much greater than his command of himself, yet this fault was not discovered until much later.
    As a student to the arcane advisor of clan-king Orin of Blackbrow, Dazgard gained sponsership to study with the Eternal Lords and learn the ancient magics of the earth. During his time in study with the Eternal Lords, however, he struck a bargain with a demonic being of great power called Shagdul, which promised him power over all that crawled through the earth. The Eternal Lords soon learned of this pact and expelled him from their presence, exiling him from Dunnal Krannok.
    Dazgard dwelt for a great time in the depths of the earth, where he grew in power as his dedication to Shagdul was well rewarded. During this time he plotted his revenge upon the people of Dunnal Krannok and made a great many allegiances with powers of the netherworlds.
    When he returned to Dunnal Krannok he brought his minions with him and wrought great terror in the clan halls as his plan to bring about the fall of Dunnal Krannok began.
    Alas, during a great battle, Dazgard was entrapped into a great crystal by a gathering of powerful wizards and priests that were led by Hagar, Thurbardaine of Mithrilgard. His body and spirit were then transported a great distance to the Aken Halls, where the dwarves of Dunnal Krannok rebuilt their civilization after abandoning their home. There he would rest in stasis for six-thousand years before a group of adventurers would free him in efforts to obtain the Thundering Horn of Bruindar which his body clutched.