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Neutral Good Male Human
Level 9 Ranger

Str 14   Dex 13   Con 16   Int 10   Wis 15   Cha 13   Hit Points: 76

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

As a member of the popular Mistwolf Rangers of the Crescent Mountain Forests, Donalain was popular among the common folk of those lands near to Ravensclaw and Karthay. As a ranger he helped to build many homesteads in the area and he also taught the woodsmen of the area how to survive and moderate their impact on the wilderness.
    Donalain was also famous for his love of story-telling. Often he could be found at one of the small countryside taverns near Ravensclaw, sitting with a group of rapt listeners as he spun wild tales and fables about the mischievous spirits of the land or the legends of mountain men and what wondrous things they had seen. Among these tales were stories of his own experiences, or so he said, in the halls of the Faerie Lords of the Seven Lakes. He was so popular that one of the local taverns to Ravensclaw renamed their establishment, Donalain's Drink, in honor of him.
    Animals respected him and often came to him to help resolve their troubles with the human settlers of the area. Donalain, being a skilled diplomatist, often was able to help settle the problems that occur when civilization encroaches upon the wilderness.
    Often times he would hire himself out for free as a guide or loreman to those who traveled the area. Many enjoyed his candor, company, and impressive knowledge of the wilderness and its denizens - making him a valued comrade when traveling through the Crescent Forests.
    He was also fond of practical jokes. With his minor magical skills he frequently enjoyed entertaining children. One game in particular was where he would turn himself into a tree and the children would search about trying to find which one he was. A subtle clue like a red handkerchief or a smiling face would often give away his position. Jokes are occasionally told of how he should be careful of his tree-imitating antics and that someday he might be mistaken for a real tree by some giant and be uprooted for a club.
    Unfortunately, Donalain has not been seen for some years now. Rumor is that he disappeared while assisting a lost group of adventurers deep underground. Others say that he was lost to the goblin hordes that have been building up in the eastern Crescent Mountains. In either case, most do not believe that they will see the smiling ranger again. A book, said to have been written by those who last traveled with him rests on the mantle above the fireplace in the tavern, Donalain's Drink, where he once told his tales. There, it is said, are written the last days and tales of a charismatic and compassionate friend to many of the woodsmen of the Crescent Mountain Forests.
    Travels with Bolas: A fair-haired and popular ranger who the group met in while in Ravensclaw. After the group helped him get a new suit of armor, he offered to guide them across the forests of the Crescent Mountains to their destination, the descent into the UnderHalls to retrieve Bolas' lost equipment. Unfortunately, Donalain was killed by a Skhull while exploring the caves leading to the UnderHalls. Donalain also is remembered for turning himself into a tree and subsequently being used as a club by the giant who uprooted him while fighting against the party members.