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Steward of Air Eithildir

Lawful Neutral Aasimar

Status: Unknown
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

This angelic creature has a body which radiates light. It's wispy, transparent wings hint at feathers, its pupiless eyes are liquid gold, and a streaming tendrils of strange white light constantly drift about its body like some strange aura or wind blown cloak. Even at rest it is constantly adrift in a sea of soothing motion.
    Eithildir was the Druidic Aspect of Air during the time of the Unholy Wars (AC2506-AC2559). As the oldest of the Aspects, he was their accepted leader.
    Eithildir seems to possess an incredible knowledge of historical and current world events, almost as though it could watch history unfold before him like the sky watches over the firmament. Eithildir spends most of its time in meditation and in conference with other druidic leaders. It is also said that Eithildir is in common contact with the faerie courts, a position no doubt facilitated by Eithildir's apparently unending longevity and highly magical nature. Eithildir prefers to let the other Aspects manage most druidic issues, using its position as leader to coordinate, counsel, and maintain unity among the other Aspects.