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Princess Elendrierdia

Chaotic Good Female Fair Folk (Fae)

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

A fairy, daughter to a fairy queen, which the group found unmoving and laying on the ground in a petrified forest. Later the next morning Sanjian awoke to see a imp like creature darting away into the woods with something clasped in his hand, which was discovered to have been the little fairy body of the creature they found. Later, after an encounter with the Fairy Queen, the group agreed that if they should find Elendrierdia that they would return her to the forest. Finally they found her in a jar, in the quarters of the sorceress that inhabited the complex of caves that tunnel through the west end of the Isle of Loche. Once they had taken the fairy back to the woods she awoke and they heard her knocking on the wall of the glass jar she was still in. Letting her loose the little fairy led Taren the Druid and Bolas into the woods to the Fairy Queen, who returned the favor and made Theo reappear.