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True Neutral Male Human
Level 12 Wizard
Level 3 Sorcerer

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Hunter's Memoirs
        Travels with Bolas

This powerful mage took on Conner (Travels with Bolas) as an apprentice back in the groups earlier adventuring days. Once he required Conner to fetch him the heads and hands of some undead as part of Conner's payment for the apprenticeship. Conner ended up walking downwind of the group for as long as he was collecting the terrible smelling parts.
    Elisiam lives in the northern part of Tel-Akbar, in a tower built at the end of a peninsula of sand which juts out into the North Harbor. At the outside entrance to his tower there is a poor thief he caught breaking into his tower suffering for the misdeed. The mans eyes are sewn open, and his body stands petrified and rigid, to the right of the entryway, with his arms upraised. Cut into each hand are mouths of teeth which Elisiam uses to speak through to those he is not familiar with who come to his home. The disconcerting sight of the poor thief is enough to discourage any who would dare consider breaking into his tower.