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Lawful Neutral Construct

Str 32   Dex 12   Con -   Int 8   Wis 6   Cha 3   Hit Points: 200

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

Elsa is an automaton and the personal servant of whomever is thurbardaine to clan Mithrilgard of Dunnal Krannok. Elsa is carved in the likeness of a young dwarven woman, the same which she was named for when Thurbardaine Dondril. Her design is quite magical and there is nothing mechanical in her movement except that she wastes no energy and can be quite motionless at times.
    She possesses a barest of intelligence, though she is entirely dependant upon the commands of others and simply "sleeps" if no command seems forth coming. However, since she does possess a simple intelligence she can be trusted to adapt to simple complications in tasks that she is assigned. She also responds to commands with a fairly simple dialog, so it is fairly clear when she does not understand what is being asked. Further, she remembers things and can recall events with startling accuracy, though she can use this knowledge to assist her in her duties, she rarely does so unless specifically asked to.
    Elsa has no desires of her own. She is only motivated to do anything at all by the needs of others. She has no emotions and her voice eternally reflects the soft-spoken feminine youth that she was modeled from, always calm and never out-spoken.