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Dean Equelion Praedariot

Lawful Good Male Human
Level 12 Cleric of Arden
Level 10 Sacred Exorcist

Str 8   Dex 9   Con 12   Int 16   Wis 6   Cha 12   Hit Points: 126

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

Dean of the Occultabulam, a small sect within the Church of the Light which is dedicated to freeing mortal souls from direct infernal influance, such as possession and inspired compulsion. Praedariot resides in the city of Bluewater and oversees the activities of his sect throughout the Kingdom of Arend.
    Standing just 5'4", eyes of soft blue, and graying hair, Praedariot is not a man of physical stature, but one of spiritual force. Members of his sect are less priests than they are spiritual warriors sent into the world to combat the schemes of fiends.
    Ashes of Arend: Dean Praedariot is Kail's direct superior in the Church.