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True Neutral Female Dragon Turtle

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:

Erika is the name given to a great and perhaps most ancient of all Dragon Turtles. She fell asleep one time, long in the past, and awoke thousands of years later to discover that the ocean had moved several hundred miles away, leaving her in a swamp with no where to go. After a brief scare when she nearly killed Julah with her deadly steam breath (what would you do if you just woke up and saw a 15 foot tall demon staring at you from nearby?) But later apologised to the group for her error and promised them great reward if they could return her to the ocean amd her home. Archaios was up to the task and a plan was hatched which involved polymorphing the Dragon Turtle into a body which looked much like Heraclea (another friend of Archaios). This was how she traveled with them back to the coast and escaped her entrapment. The party accompanied her to her lair with the help of a gift from the Priest of Chishleen, Sothar, and was rewarded richly for their assistance in getting her home.