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Neutral Good Female Halfling
Level 1 Commoner

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

A halfling and stable master for Valerie. She lives on Valarie's horse ranch and cow farm and helps with the care of the horses as well as daily farm chores. She has blond hair down to her waist and is rough, but pretty. Her eyes are green. Her attitude is demure, but at the same time bold and unafraid. Chance and Theo met her as they were leaving Valarie's farmstead after having delivered a message to Valerie from Abrahm. She was out in a field at the time, grooming a horse. Valarie told that she never knew her parents and had an older brother who passed away from sickness, and since then she has worked at the ranch. Both Eva and Valerie live just north of Minoc, in the United Kingdoms.