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Lord Everest

Lawful Good Male Human
Level 14 Paladin of Lathidus   Hit Points: 124

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:

This powerful paladin of Lathidus intervened when Archaios took the body of Haldrad to a temple of Arden to have him raised from the dead. He rode a white charger and had a glowing blade. Archaios tried to hold him off but magic seemed to have no effect upon him. Archaios found this immunity to magic and Lord Everest's unmoveable fanaticism to be extremely irritating. Archaios partially satisfied his irritation by blinding Everest's horse. After the slaying of of the priest Haldrad, Lord Everest was assigned in his place to accompany Archaios in his exploration of the Eastern Empire's Imperial Archives. Though his presence was some of a nuisance in the beginning he quickly became an invaluable warrior and companion during their delvings into the archives. He bravely died while facing the demon discovered beneath the archives of the capital.