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Mayor Goldfarb

Neutral Good Male Human
Level 1 Aristocrat

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:

The mayor of the town of Canis, which had been taken over by some giants led by a storm giant. Archaios and his companions battled and slew the giants who guarded the city, but learned that the storm giants brother and clan would soon fall upon the city and destroy it when he learned of the slaying of his brother. With the help of his companions, Archaios and they slew the giants brother and toppled the storm giants floating tower down upon the giant-clan's settlement, killing many of the giants who lived below. Those who remained were quickly slain and those who were not never returned. mayor Goldfarb also traveled with the adventurers to speak to Lord Gwandrin in favor of the adventurers, to let their deeds be known. It was these deeds and others which resulted in the knighting of Torus Blackburn and the bestowal of property to the other members of the group.