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Lawful Good Male Human
Level 11 Cleric of Lathidus

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:

A priest of Lathidus, Haldrad was assigned to journey with Archaios to travel down into the imperial archives, both as a fellow warrior of good as well as to verify that any harm which came to Archaios and his group was suffered doing legitimate work for the empire; for the purpose of their receiving healing. Haldrad replaced Marasean's position after Archaios refused to take Marasean because of his lack of experience. After traveling once into the archives, where Haldrad proved to be a valuable companion, the group was forced to return to the surface after a damaging encounter with powerful undead. Upon returning to the Archives, Haldrad was pounced upon by a shadow of darkness just as the group re-entered the underground library. After a terrible but brief fight the creature of darkness fled, but not before it was too late and Haldrad lay slain just within sight of the entrence to the archives. It is suspected that at one time Haldrad was a follower of Arden, but then had a change of faith and began to follow Lathidus.. He was known as an experienced and devoted warrior in many parts of the Eastern Empire.