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Lady Jaloale Silentdream

True Neutral Female Human
Level 2 Aristocrat

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

An elderly woman who is still more than capable of getting herself around. Though she lives in the walled High Quarter of Tel-Akbar, Jalonalee can often be found walking about the lower cities streets speaking to vendors and craftsmen. She is a great purvayor of artwork and knows many in the Bard's College and is old friends with Arutha, one of the college's senior heralds. In fact, Lady Silentdream knows many of the cities guards and vendors by name, if not personally. Lately her memory has been failing and though she remembers all who she meets, much of the rest of her past has become obscured. Master Gardener Kranne keeps an eye on her these days, in addition to his work as her head grounds keeper. Jalonalee sought out Taren and Marcus, as well as the rest of the groups aid, when she recognized Taren as belonging to the same faith as her husband and as a druid. Jalonalee hopes that Taren and her friends might be able to help her cure her rare Arnorian Arbor Tree that her lost husband planted for her son on his birthing day.