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Captain John Fletcher

Lawful Good Male Human
Level 6 Rogue
Level 2 Fighter

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

A pirate whose name first was heard from Sir Geoffery, linking him to possessing or knowing where one of the Haruninki's sacred Katana's could be found. The group traveled far from Tel-Akbar to The Isle of Deeds and later to one of the minor Trigoth Isles in search for him. All that could be found though was a ghost who either was he or one of his ship-mates. The ghost told the story of how they fled from the Haruninkian Homeland, and as they fled they slew an Unsultinlan, and that one of them drank of the Unsultinlan's blood and stole his Katana. He also told of how most of the crew was slain and how at least one of them fled to the deserted isle. The ghost went on to say that before long the Haruninki brought the desert and demons with them in search for the murderers of the Unsultinlan.