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Level 9 Sorcerer
Level 2 Fighter   Hit Points: 122

Status: Unknown
Campaign Appearances:

A demon of the Carceri family who is not of the normal cut of demons. He has always been a wanderer and thus his take on life is not at all evil as opposed to the rest of his demonic family. Julah normally stands fifteen feet tall and has bright cherry red scales covering him from his head to his clawed toes, and not a scrap of hair. He carries a magical staff which is long and radiates a golden light, which he can call from thin air into his hands. He is curious and difficult for most mortals to relate to. Julah loves mysteries and seeing new places. Archaios ran into him while exploring a shadow plane he had gotten lost into accidently. Just before Archaios was about to be overwhelmed by an evil denizen of the plane, Julah saved him from certain death and took him to safety aboard his levitating iron raft. During Archaios' stay upon the plane, Julah helped him around and watched out for him. Since Archaios was both mortal and a mage, Julah found him very interesting and hung around with him through trouble and otherwise. Eventually the two made it off the plane, and with Archaios' help, Julah got into the Prime. Now the two of them, along with other companions, travel together seeking adventure, something Julah finds very exciting. Though Julah is of fairly good character, he can't avoid his demonic nature. People tend to not show their best sides after being in Julah's presence for very long. Frequently bickering and the occasional fight will break out when none normally would have without his demonic presence close at hand. Julah seems to be rather oblivious about this however. During an attempt to recover the original tomb of Torim Zurkies, Julah was either slain or captured during an encounter against a hoard of undead lead by a lich and has not been seen since.