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Battle Lord Kith-Tal Thasoon

Lawful Neutral Male Lerether Elf
Level 13 Paladin of Daer-Koch
Level 5 Cleric of Daer-Koch

Str 16   Dex 17   Con 16   Int 15   Wis 15   Cha 16   Hit Points: 144

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend
        The Black Scourge

Kith-Tal Thasoon was born into nobility and early on he was sent north to the Abbeys of Illustree so that he could be as his older brother and be a studious, intelligent, and noble politician. Life was well except for the fact that he was forbidden to use weapons both as an acolyte of Illustree and by his parents. For the time he took this in stride and studied hard, although in his heart he wished for some training and the ability to defend himself.
    Then on his way back south with his brother they were beset by a group of brigands. During the battle that ensued all but Kith-Tal and a single guard were killed, including his own brother. As they struggled to make it home out of the mountain pass where they had been ambushed the guard was killed by a great grizzly bear and that left Kith- Tal alone with none but himself.
    Later he was found by a mountain patrol and returned home were he was brought back to health. Stricken with grief over the loss of his brother and comrades he vowed to never be so weak that he could not defend himself and those he loved. So months later , after regaining his health, he left for the the Academy of War in the elfin city of Aderean. Though he had grown up in the pacifist cloisters of Illustree, there at the Academy of War Kith-Tal found his place in life and soon joined the ranks of the priesthood of Daer-Koch, god of battle. After graduating from the academy in the top of his class he went to train with the priests of war and learn more of the ways of Daer-Koch. After years of training he was accepted into the priesthood and set about advocating his gods ways. Still, though he found comfort in the magics available to him as a priest, he wanted more military training. Seeking to join the ranks of the paladins he was quickly accepted into their brotherhood.
    After many years he has traveled across Greentree, serving the people and the nation as it needed his skills in many military conflicts. He became close with other military leaders, including the honorable Lauren Vasos and General Garen Varana. He gave his loyalty to Queen Moriena Turramen of Greentree and then after her assassination at the hands of the Black Paladinhood of Zhakrin he swore allegiance to King Pathos, the next ruler of Greentree. It was not long after this that Garen Varana threw the country into civil war and took the throne from Pathos, declaring himself as emperor. Kith-Tal, like many others who were able to escape execution at the hands of Varana for fighting on the side of Pathos, fled into the mountains to join the other dissidents there and plot the return of the throne to Delavidus, the remaining son of Queen Moriena Turramen.
    Kith-Tal stands tall and proud. His hair is long, curly black and his eyes a rich dark green - like jewels. His features are weathered from decades of hard training and his manner hard from years of difficult decisions. He is incredibly strong, quick, and known through-out Greentree and neighboring kingdoms for his mastery of tactics and the subtle twists of warfare. He is a charismatic and inspiring leader and is fiercely devoted to both his god and his country.