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Cailis Lander San Saeins

Lawful Good Male Tenerthor Elf
Level 14 Ranger
Level 3 Aristocrat

Str 16   Dex 16   Con 15   Int 13   Wis 15   Cha 11   Hit Points: 107

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        The Black Scourge

At news of the Dark God's armies covering the face of the continent, only pockets of resistance remaining, Lander was sent from the Lands of Autumn to travel into the world of men and see if a new time of twilight was beginning. So he set out and crossed the mighty Jarik Glacier and there he saw that all things were the same. Into the lands of Kindertel where halflings guarded the edge of the world from barbarians of the glacier and horrors of the Evermounts he traveled and there too he saw that all things were the same. Thence, into the Lands of Shesaldi he traveled where the most ancient lines of men dwelt and guarded the most ancient of secrets at the feet of the end of the world, but there he saw that things were the same as before. It was not until he entered into the Forests of Greentree that he began to hear rumors of the land wounded by the Dark Gods passing, though in the Forests of Greentree the elves still dwelt eternal. It was there though, as he traveled towards the Arendish lands, where the blood of Serephina still flowed, that he met an extraordinary elf named Lord Gilthanus from the Citadel of Light.
    Learning of his crusade against the forces of the Dark God, of his attempts to open the Three Gates of Destiny and renew the future of the world, Lander tarried and chose to stay nearby to see if this elfin lord and his stalwart companions could stay the end of the age.
    Though the companions of Garben Gilthanus were successful in banishing the Dark God, the Seals of Chaos had been weakened and Lander decided to stay and continue to watch to see if this then was the true setting of the age. There too did agents of Life succeed and the Seals were restored and hidden once more. The world though has been weakened from its battles against the darkness and new terrors have been awakened by the rampant powers, mortal and spiritual, which have done battle in the last half-century. So Lander has stayed on in the world of men, to continue his observations until he can at last say whether the world is descending into twilight or whether the Season of Summer has still time yet to pass.
    Lander is tall for an elf, as is common for a member of his caste, standing about 5'10" tall. His hair is silvery white, almost metallic in color and timbre, matching his silvery eyes. He is fair skinned and dresses as a princely ranger in the finest of mithral shirts woven like fine silvery moss and plaited with leaves. He is a master swordsmen and while on this quest he carries with him a mighty Sword of Autumn. Lander is a member of the Cailis social class, granting him powers of mysticism and a status likened to a viceroy or prince.