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Pastor Lathidus Saelot

Lawful Neutral Male Human
Level 4 Cleric of Lathidus

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Hunter's Memoirs
        The Black Scourge
        Travels with Bolas

This painfully pious priest of Lathidus only goes by the name of his faith and so all call him Father Lathidus rather than by his real name. He lives in the town of Karthay, nestled near the Crescent Mountain range. He is a skilled and respected priest who never forgets that the benefits reaped by those from his god all come with a price. Father Lathidus once cured a couple party members (Travels with Bolas) who had become poisoned while traveling through the swamps south of Karthay. Father Lathidus is also known for his vegetable garden which he is always working on when not helping others, just outside of his humble temple.