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Sir Lauren Vasos

Lawful Good Male Lerether Elf
Level 16 Fighter

Str 21   Dex 17   Con 17   Int 14   Wis 15   Cha 15   Hit Points: 137

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        The Black Scourge

Lauren Vasos is easily a heroic figure. He is a laughing, loving, and handsome man. Lauren has thick curly brown hair and hazel eyes. As a warrior, Lauren has lived an adventuring life through-out the nations of Greentree, Kindertel, the Arendish Kingdoms and beyond.
    Lauren grew up along the northern seacoast in the northeastern reaches of Greentree. There, in that rough environment, he grew to learn the trade of a fighter and frequently joined in with military patrols that ventured out into the wilder lands. After a brief job as a mercenary aboard the sea vessel, Lady Bird, which sank off the coast of Kindertel, Lauren returned to his homeland and swore off travel by water. For several decades he traveled by himself, and then with permission of Lord Chaskit of Greentree he received a sponsorship which allowed him to seek further training at Joyous Garde. Having completed his training there he left for the Arendish Kingdoms where he grew a reputation by fighting in frequent clashes against the Black Paladins of Zhakrin.
    Later, during the civil war of Greentree, where General Garen Varana overthrew King Pathos Turramen, Lauren Vasos proved himself loyal to the crown by fighting many successful battles against Varana's forces. Unfortunately this was not enough for the failing king to rescue his throne and once Varana had taken the kingship for himself Lauren became a hunted outlaw.
    It is rumored that Lauren Vasos, and many other dissidents who vie against Emperor Varana, hides in the mountains near Greentree and awaits his moment to return the throne to its rightful line.