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Chaplin Levetron

Lawful Good Male Aasimar
Level 5 Cleric of Arden

Str 11   Dex 10   Con 10   Int 13   Wis 18   Cha 16   Hit Points: 30

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

Levetron is a devout worshiper of Arden. He is a man who is confident in his faith and in the eventual triumph of compassion and goodness. He has radiant flaxen hair, good posture, and finely defined bones and muscles; he is quite handsome.
    Ashes of Arend: Rescued from the catacombs that litter the ground beneath the border village of Twilight, Levetron traveled back to Bluewater with the adventurers (12885). Now healed and restored to his former strength he has traveled back to Twilight to bring the warmth and healing light of Arden back to the people who dwell there, peopl who are still disillusioned by the betrayal of the priestess Andress.