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Neutral Evil Male Human
Level 11 Wizard

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

A powerful mage who is good friends with Domini and lives at his keep. Loren is rather short and very studious looking. He never thought of himself as being physically able and he has a bookish feel to his presence. He is friendly though, to those who would not cross him, and he welcomes intelligent conversation with any able to provide it. Loren has several laboratories at Domini's keep and claims to have known Domini for a great length of time. When the group intended to discern Domini's honesty and retrieve the Crown of Souls from him, it was Loren who captured the group after they unsuccessfully broke into Domini's keep the first time. Loren is not a young mage and claims to have been studying magic for over 30 years. He is straight backed and meticulous and complete in his conversation and manner.