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Captain Madazar Krom

Lawful Neutral Male Silver Dwarf
Level 8 Fighter

Str 16   Dex 11   Con 17   Int 10   Wis 13   Cha 12   Hit Points: 65

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

Unusually charismatic for one of his kind and also a prow warrior, Madazar has been promoted to the rank of captain after successfully leading his patrol after its captain was felled in battle and driven mad by agents of the dead god Qo. Part of his fortune for making it back to the Halls of Cathar with the remainder of his patrol party is due to the timely arrival of Al-Rathis, Sasha, Cawanan, and Artimi arrived, escorting a large retinue of elfin refugees.
    Madazar stands at roughly four and one-half feet if you don't count the great helm that he wears over his dull bronze curls of hair. His nose is a bit large for his face, even by dwarven standards, a hallmark of his family. He carries Vulcharanoin, a hereditary great axe said to be fashioned from the hip of a mighty fire-giant chieftain that was slain his great-great-grand-daddy.