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Makheli Etwa

True Neutral Female Haruninki
Level 15 Monk

Status: Missing
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

Makheli is a Haruninkian woman who Sanjian learned of from Shohan, his martial arts instructor. All that is known of her is what Shohan was able to tell Sanjian. From what Shohan was able to gather, Makheli's father was slain by katana by a haruchi from another Wah, compelled to seek retribution (there were other circumstances surrounding her decision to do so, but she never spoke of what they were.) she wielded her father's katana and slew seven from the other wah in their sleep. Having broken so many codices of Haruninkian society she fled the lands by night. Several years and many travels later, Makheli, now a different woman, arrived at Tel-Akbar. Discovered and taken in by Shohan, he helped her get off her feet. Eventually she became a student and showed great skill and elegance. Having learned of he world and become a good enough fighter to possibly re-enter Haruchi society, she returned to the homeland. There she was spurned, rebuked, and cast out for her radical ideas and breaking of the caste system, so she returned to Tel-Akbar and continued her training for several more years. But her heart was still angry with the Homeland and Tel-Akbar was too different and far from home. Homesick, but unable to go home, she left for the Ki'Kiri Jungles to make her own home amongst people who lived more like the hunters in the wild lands and jungles of the Homeland.
    Is she still alive? Well, Shohan has not heard of her since but imagines that she lives still because of her skill, worldly knowledge, and ability to survive. If she does, she lives either amongst the people of those jungles (she was not a total recluse and did enjoy company) or nearby them.