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Master Maranant Antanan

Neutral Good Male Human (Fae-Touched)
Level 7 Warrior
Level 12 Expert

Str 17   Dex 13   Con 16   Int 14   Wis 13   Cha 18   Hit Points: 134

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

Maranant is a legendary master-smith, perhaps unsurpassed in the ability to forge steal into any shape. He is also a master armorer and weaponsmith. Maranant stands about 7 feet tall, dwarfing men around him. His purportions are of god-like perfection. Maranant is incredibly strong and charismatic. Like Hercules he can lift the weight of what two powerful bodybuilders can move, and like Zues the world seems to become grey with a passing of his frown or bright with a declaration of his joy. He could be easily confused with some warrior gods' avatar, by his physique it is so.
    Despite his charisma and abilities, Maranant maintains a small manor in the North Artisian's Quarter, betwixt the North Garden and High Quarters of Tel-Akbar. His manor, perched on the lower cliffsides of north Tel-Akbar, claims a supreme view of all the waters to the north and a fine view of the city. The place is tidely kept by his wife who handles all of Maranant's matters of commerce and spends most of her time gardening the grounds. Anna, his wife, knows well the value of her husband's work and is not to be underestimated for her fiscal abilities.
    Maranant's forges are housed in a large tower, behind his home and nearer to the cliffside. Though the tower is 30 feet tall it is but one floor and has an open roof. Hanging high above are beautiful works of metalsmith's art, armors, and swords fit for kings. There he labors through out the days on his work of love, creating piece after piece of perfection. Visitor's to Maranant's forge tower say that there is the feel of magic at work there. Keener individuals notice that despite the lack of roof in the tower, none of it's contents suffer even the sightest from exposure to the weather.