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Acolyte Marasean

Neutral Good Male Human
Level 2 Cleric of Lathidus

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:

An older alcolyte of Lathidus from the capital of the Eastern Empire. Marasean was assigned by various political powers to travel with Archaios down into the Lyceum Labyrinth to ensure that any damages done to Archaios which were to be healed at the expense of the Empire were legitimately incurred from the assigned service to the Empire. Unfortunatrly, Marasean seems to have no combat skills and has never faced undead before, making him a poor choice to accompany Archaios, Haster, and Torus into the re-opened labyrinth. Marasean is a rather abrupt and unsecretive man who would rather let a person know how he feels about them or a situation up front.