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Bishop Mathos Isan

Lawful Good Male Human
Level 6 Cleric of Lathidus
Level 9 Templar

Str 17   Dex 15   Con 17   Int 12   Wis 16   Cha 16   Hit Points: 128

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

Despite his soft name, this priest is a man of great size and presence. His voice is deep and expressive, his shoulders broad and hands large, and his eyes are lighted with an authentic fervor for his faith. He carries a great mace at his side which nearly from its polished silver. His hair is like a lion's mane, golden and cascading. He expresses great enthusiasm for the fight of good over evil and is a stout supporter of any who challenge the darkness of evil in the name of that which is good.
    Father Isan armed the group (Travels with Bolas) with magical silver daggers on loan from the church of Lathidus, and ground wolfsbane too, which was quite out of season at the time. He is the Bishop in charge of all church activities within the great city of Tel-Akbar and its outlaying areas.