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Otis Donner

True Neutral Male Human
Level 3 Aristocrat
Level 2 Warrior

Str 6   Dex 4   Con 8   Int 14   Wis 15   Cha 10   Hit Points: 15

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

Otis Donner is the elderly, stooped, and eclectic funder of the Blooded Fist - a group of mercenaries which he sells out to others and uses for his own amusements. Otis is also a frequent employer of adventurers, whom he hires to fulfill his needs which his mercenary troop is too busy to handle. Most of what drives Otis to hire these men is his curiosity with ancient history, a love for tales of adventure and danger, and the power which his money allows him to wield over young capable adventurers.
    Otis was born in Tel-Akbar, and likely will die there as well. He has been one of the richer proprietors of city property for more than four decades, and constantly is investing in more options as he gains the power to do so. Otis is on rather good terms with the city watch as numerous captains and other ranking officials originally began in his troop and later gained their position in the city though his political influence.
    Otis looks quite old. He is hunched over which makes him considerably shorter than he was in his prime of life. He is very conscious of this and thus takes any opportunity to stand on raised ground, stairs, or whatever is available when speaking to others. He is a willful old man and will occasionally employ the use of deceit in order to get his way - he calls this political maneuvering.
    Otis makes his residence in The Baron's Rest, a posh and expensive hotel. He has kept his apartment there for many years and many suspect that he must have some favor with the owner of the Hotel else such living arrangements would be too expensive for one of his miserly tastes.
    Travels with Bolas: The adventurers knew him as an old man and wealthy lord, known to finance the operations of the mercenary group called the Blooded Fist. He hired the adventurers to go explore some ruins up near Castellan and later hired Taren to help lead his mercenary group there as well. They met him at the Baron's Rest Hotel.