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Radaga the Witch

Chaotic Evil Female Human Wraith
Level 13 Sorcerer

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Travels with Bolas

Radaga is the name of the fearsome witch who made residence just a few days north of Shalost and Kartekast's lands. The witch had preyed upon the people of the area, many disappearing over the years for her evil purposes. She made her residence in a series of canyons and a complex underground system of caves, here her Goblyn minions and other servants lived and preyed freely upon those who would venture near. The first time the party confronted Radaga she was well prepared and sent them back in time with a terrible curse that caused them to awaken each day in the past one day before the day they had just lived through.
    Radaga was finally slain by the party after they removed their curse and returned to the present time from the ancient Eastern Empire. It was a great battle which nearly completely decimated our adventurers, and when she lay dead upon the ground it was only moments before the spirit of Daglan reached from the Crown of Souls and possessed her body, allowing the group only moments to flee before he could turn his wrath upon them.