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Lord Initiate Saldos Mhatuun Vanatos

Lawful Neutral Male Human
Level 10 Fighter
Level 3 Black Paladin

Str 18   Dex 15   Con 16   Int 12   Wis 13   Cha 14   Hit Points: 135

Status: Missing
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

Saldos Mhatuun Vanatos stands roughly six feet tall. He is a handsome man with a fine physique, tan olivine skin, luxurious black curls of hair, and a penetrating gaze. He is a man of strict honor, order, oath, and inevitability. He rides a large, smoke gray, percheron destrier called Sebhet. Donning his black full plate, with his ensorcelled bastardsword slung across his back, horsemanís pick and crossbow strapped to one side of his mount, he possesses the appearance of a fearsome foe.
       Vanatos is deeply dedicated to his god, Zhakrin, and he does not fear death as he knows that the resting place for his soul is assured. He is willing to work with any who share his beliefs in order, even if they may be of another godís gathering.
       As an Initiate of the Black Order, Vanatos has the authority to command men, a squire, and to personal servants. Rather than remaining in the ranks of the Black Orderís armies, Vanatos prefers the challenge of the wilderness in the company of a few trusted companions.
       Ashes of Arend: Vanatos, his squire, and a deeply cloaked spellcaster were encountered by the party as both groups traveled towards the Darkenwood. It was the parties hope to infiltrate a suspected fortress of Zhakrin operating in that area and for Vanatos it was an opportunity for resupply before continuing on to return to his homeland after a long and dangerous quest to the Broken Lands of Ancient Saul. Deceived into thinking that the party were fellow Zhakrinites seeking the hidden fortress, he agreed to travel with them. Later, the party released a long dead necromancerís spirit, which possessed the commander of the fortress unbeknownst to Vanatos. Shortly following this event the possessed commander of the fortress commanded Vanatos to accompany the party in their quest west and into the Desert of Three Winds where cultists of Azhull were transporting a powerful artifact. Vanatos, ordered and oath-bound to be a guardian to Ayoi and help him deliver the artifact to a place of Ayoiís choosing, traveled with the group even though there was a priest of Arden among them.
    Lord Vanatos was last seen overcome by poison deep in a lair of desert spiders. He and Ayoi were attempting to rescue Ayoi's companion, Cawanan, from the creatures, but only Ayoi and Cawanan escaped.