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Saru of Solpapi

Lawful Evil Male Human
Level 3 Aristocrat

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Dangers of Hana

As an eunuch, Saru is one of Master Sirtto, a powerful merchant lord in the city of Hana. Saru is a rather sweaty and obese man. He lies, he swindles, he mistreats those with no recourse against him, and he pays great compliment to those who he fears. Others are subject to his magnanimous disinterest. Saru is proficient in several languages, including more than one ancient tongue, and is quite skilled in the political intrigue which is wages between the merchant cartels of Hana.
    Dangers of Hana: Saru acted as a guide to the adventuring party as they traveled from Hana to an archeological site being excavated by Master Sirtto.