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Neutral Evil Male Human Wraithlord
Level 13 Sorcerer
Level 7 Pale Master

Str 10   Dex 15   Con -   Int 19   Wis 16   Cha 17   Hit Points: 127

Status: Undead
Campaign Appearances:
        Hunter's Memoirs
        Travels with Bolas

Once a handsome, charming, and extraordinarily gifted young mage, Sarusar has now strayed far from what is good in the world. His descent into evil was driven by his thirst for knowledge and fear of mortality. Now, illusions mask the horror his decaying body has become - but his mind remains a fine tool of selfish evil, conniving a horde of ambitious plots.
    Travels with Bolas: A powerful mage who looked way too young for the magic he wielded. The party met him deep underground in the UnderHalls, at the Down Under Tavern, while they traveled to retrieve Bolas' equipment. It was from him that they learned several key pieces of information on the Zith, the creatures which slew Bolas originally, and it was also from him who they borrowed several black stone rings.
    Archaios: Archaios suspects Sarusar to be evil and that he is amassing power in the forests of the Crescent Mountains. Sarusar is a strong necromancer and practioner of many arcane arts. Once crossed by Archaios, Sarusar turned several aquaintances of his into wraiths and other undead servents to make his point of what happened to those who got in his way. Sarusar is tall and thin. What once was an incredibly young complexion, only a year earlier when Archaios saw him, had become pale and sickly. His hair, once black, had become white with grey streaks. But most disturbing of all, his eyes had lost their color and become white orbs without pupils. Archaios also noted a steep increase in his power over the Greater Path of magic and resources.